Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cat 797B - World's Largest Truck

The Caterpillar 797B is an ultra class mining dump truck built by Caterpillar. The 797B is the largest mechanical truck in the world. If this machine ever needs to be relocated, it cannot be driven on conventional highways for obvious reasons, it must be disassembled and reconstructed at the next job site. In recent times tyre prices for dump trucks of this caliber have jumped from a meer $35,000 a piece to a now phenomenal $60,000 a piece.

Gross Operating weight: 623.7 Tonne
Payload weight: 380 Tonne
Engine: 3524B Series, 24-cylinder, four-stroke diesal
Max speed: 67 km/h
Power: 2650kw
Length: 14.5m
Width: 9.8m
Height: 7.6m
Height with Dumper lifted: 15.3m
Fuel capacity: 6,800 Litres
Cost: between $4.7 million to $5.6 million US Dollars

Images Courtesy of: SOURCE, SOURCE, SOURCE [Accessed June 23rd 2008]


  1. the first 2 photos are for the 979 truck, the third is for the 979b truck, is there any diference?
    what is the second largest truck in the world?
    humans are magestic.
    why it is that expensive?

  2. i hope to work on this 797B
    may i ??

  3. depending on the way it is set up i believe the liebherr t282c is bigger

  4. nope the 797 is the world largest mechanical truck the one you refer to is fuel over electrice